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Superfood Grains



Peru is a privileged land with a millenary culture for hundreds of years, foods such as quinoa, chia, purple corn, cañihua, amaranth are part of Peruvian food and are actually part of being Peruvian. Our geography has the three natural regions: coast, mountains and jungle, something that very few countries have and this added to the ancestral knowledge of the Incas made Peru a place where the world can find organic food, natural medicines and an ancient wealth that the world needs to know and now it is the heritage of all humanity




A grain of high nutritional value, it has proteins, unsaturated fats acids and minerals. Thanks to its fiber content, higher than 6% per cent of the grain’s weight, it favors the intestinal transit, the development of beneficial bacteria and helps to prevent colon cancer.
Gluten free food, appropriate for celiac disease patients.


Natural revitalizer. Stabilizes and controls arterial pressure. Relieves insomnia. Recommended for repairing mental and physical balance. Helps to reduce stress and tiredness. Provides energy and mental clarity. Gives vitality and improves the resistance on athletes.


Chia is a great source of Omega 3, and it does not contain gluten in its chemical composition so it is ideal for people with celiac disease. It also contains calcium, iron, phosphorus, vitamin A, potassium, magnesium, niacin and zinc, as well as soluble fibers and natural antioxidants. Chia helps control cholesterol levels and boosts immune system.


Due to its high amount of amino acids, especially lysine, it favors the development of the brain and is indicated in pregnant women and infants diet. Provides calcium, phosphorus and iron for our teeth bones and blood. Calms rheumatic pains and excessive menstruation. The infusion obtained from the stem acts like a powerful laxative.


Excellent for hypocaloric diets and for diabetic patients. It has anti-diabetic properties. Reduces risk of osteoporosis. It is use as a no-calorie sweetener. Its daily use diminishes triglycerides levels in the blood. Relieves gastrointestinal problems.


Anthocyanin is considered a natural antioxidant which delays cell aging. Its consumption contributes reducing arterial pressure. Anticarcinogenic properties for colon and rectum cancer. Protects the ocular retina. Helps control diabetes. Diminishes the capillary permeability, improving its resistance. Benefits cardiovascular health, improving circulation.

World of innovation

Exquisite resources and an inexhaustible larder of fruits, grains, and vegetables; exceptional products for the palate and the wellness of the body, make Peru a land of unique delicacies.

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