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About Us

Plaza America firmly believes that in order to guarantee its sustainability in the future it is essential to respect ethical principles, employees and the environment. Therefore, we operate according to our guidelines of social responsibility, social and environmental performance, thus achieving the sustainability of our company in a short, medium and long term.

Quality is one of our most valuable competences and our quality management system is based on processing fresh, natural products, fresh from the harvest and coming from a responsible agriculture with the environment. We work to obtain the best in terms of quality and we are committed to guaranteeing quality controls from the moment the seeds are planted until the final product is delivered to our customers, resulting in the optimum quality of our products.

With several distribution centers, Plaza America offers leading supermarkets, wholesalers, dollar stores, convenience stores and distributors a wide range of products, either through its own brands or through private labels.



The company’s sales team dedication and commitment to the development and maintenance of long term relationships has enabled Mercado Uno to grow systematically and to become one of the premier UE food providers


Plaza America contributes to a stable economy while managing the social and environmental impacts of our business. We aim to run a sustainable business for the long term. This is about achieving sustainable profits for our shareholders, building long-lasting relationships with customers, valuing our highly committed employees, respecting environmental limits and investing in communities.


Food safety is a well developed strength and priority for the company. In addition to complying with European standards, Plaza America products are tested to assure consistency and strict compliance of quality standards.


In partnering with its clients, the company works constantly to develop the best quality products and to make them available at the lowest possible price; therefore, it offers customers real value propositions.

The are our most valuable attributes:


In partnering with its clients, the company worksconstantly to develop the best quality products and to make them available at the lowest possible price; therefore, it offers customers real value propositions.


Several of the retailers and wholesalers trust Plaza America as their permanent global sourcing vendor, either demanding the company’s brands or packing under their own store brand. The company takes care of the entire process of sourcing international food products, and by doing so, enables its clients to focus on generating value at their stores.


The company has taken supply chain synchronization standards to the next level. Plaza America state-of-the-art supply chain software plays a key role in keeping track of thousands of containers, inventories, and deliveries to hundreds of endpoints.


The company’s warehouse capacity and inventorymanagement technology enables its clients to minimizeinventory costs and shorten lead time. Retailers and wholesalers are able to source globally without receiving delayed orders. They can request volume quantities based on ‘live’ shelf movement figures.

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